Drug-Free Heartburn Relief

Drug-Free Heartburn Relief

A Heartburn Home Relief Remedy.

Before finding out that I had several food allergies, I suffered from frequent attacks of heartburn. It was rare for me to go a single day without having at least one bout of heartburn. Usually, these events would happen within 20 minutes or so of eating a meal, but I also would have them in the middle of the night, often severe enough to wake me up. The heartburn was so severe that I always had a bottle of antacid tablets with me, and would usually take 3 or 4 tablets before going to bed to keep from waking up later. I visited my doctor to talk about the issue, and he prescribed a prescription medication to help deal with the problem. This particular medication works by reducing the amount of acid that your stomach produces which is supposed to reduce the symptoms of heartburn.

Prescription Medication Did Not Help

I took this medication for a couple of weeks, and found that it did not provide any heartburn relief. In fact, I noticed that my symptoms were worse than ever. I talked it over with my doctor again, and he advised me to continue taking the medication and that it might take a month or longer for the symptoms to subside. They did not go away, and I felt miserable and a bit angry that the medication wasn’t providing any relief. I began doing some research on these acid-lowering medications, and found that in addition to having a lot of negative side effects, in many cases they can actually cause exacerbate the heartburn problem. I started running some Google searches for ‘natural heartburn relief’ and ‘heartburn home relief remedy’, and I began seeing references to a supplement called Betaine HCL. I had never heard of this product before, but after reading more about it, I decided to try using it to see if it would help provide me with some heartburn relief.

What is Betaine HCL?

For those of you unfamiliar with Betaine HCL, it is a commonly available hydrochloric-acid containing substance that is taken by people who have reduced levels of stomach acid, a medical condition known as hypochlorhydria.  This condition can be diagnosed by a doctor; such a diagnosis should be made prior to taking Betaine HCL.  Typically, one or more tablets or capsules are taken with a protein-containing meal.

Symptoms of Under and Over-Production of Stomach Acid are Virtually Identical

Patients who are experiencing stomach and intestinal distress usually believe that they symptoms of heartburn, bloating due to gas, reflux and indigestion are a result of the stomach producing too much acid. Many doctors add to this belief by prescribing medications to block the production of stomach acid without correctly diagnosing the issue.  What is not generally known is that the symptoms of stomach acid under production and over production and essentially the same. Therefore, many people are being treated for over production of stomach acid when they should be treated for under-production!

It is estimated that over half of the population in the United States over the age of fifty is suffering from an under production of stomach acid, which can result in a wide array of digestive issues.  Also, it can lead to immune problems as well, since one of stomach acid’s primary functions is to kill many of the harmful bacteria and other microorganisms in our food.  Our western-style diet is likely contributing to this issue, and even causing it to become more common among younger people.  Believe it or not, a diet very low in salt can further exacerbate the problem; the currently in vogue low salt (sodium) diet may be leading many people to under produce stomach acid.  It is no wonder that so many people are seeking heartburn relief!

Does Betaine HCL Help?

Betaine HCL increases the level of stomach acid in the stomach, thereby reducing or even eliminating the symptoms of low stomach acid.  In my case, after a few days of taking Betaine HCL with meals, I found that the symptoms of heartburn had completely gone away.  For me and many other people this supplement is providing natural heartburn relief, and enhancing the digestive process as well.

It should be noted that it is not recommended to take more than 650mg of Betaine HCL unless advised to do so by your doctor.  Since large quantities of Betaine HCL can burn the lining of the stomach, do not use if a burning sensation in the stomach is experienced when taking it.  Also anyone with a peptic ulcer or gastritis should consult their doctor before taking this suppplement.

You can purchase Betaine HCL at your local health food or drugstore, or you can visit my store to order it online via amazon.com